It was late one night when I saw your face, and I knew you wanted someone else. In a moment then I picked up my things, and made my way back home I think. And that was the last time I saw you.

I smell your skin when I wake at night, I sit up straight turn on the lights. There's nothing there but bare white walls, and a hole in one from a drunken fall. And your things in a pile, on my floor.

Do you think of me do you tell your friends, how it all begins and quickly ends. How when I left it began to rain, like a movie scene with an empty train. Now I am dry, but faded.

Are you still too cold is it still too much, does your hand still shake at a lover's touch. Do you stare at night at a brightened screen, do you wonder what it really means. To say I love you but not know why.