Throw your darts, I'll stand by the board, staring at you, hoping you're as good as they say. Jane. Go to England, take some classes, leave me a message. Jane. I'll listen to it three times, to remember how you sound but not what you said. Click your heels, I'll make sure you come back to me. I can get a seat on this plane. I can choose. Tell me a story but don't make me pay this time. They're never that bad but I'm not in it for the stories.

Move your hips. I'll play games in my head and my eyes will follow your lips as they curl. Watch me sleep, I promise I'll wake up and if you're there, oh if you're there.


Are you sitting at your window?
I'm sitting at my window.
Do you see them walking and trying one more time, fishing for things forgotten and buried? Or do you just see the streetlights on the pavement.