Copper Leaf is an indie-folk band based in Boulder, Colorado and led by Sawyer Bernath. He writes songs that are often bleak, occasionally redemptive, and usually about memory, aimlessness, and/or girls. Since March of 2017, Sawyer has been joined by Liz Berube on vocals, and Eric Dorr on vocals, piano, and lead guitar. Tyler Masterson joined on bass in November of the same year.

This is a project about contrasts: Loud vs soft, warm vs cool, sparse vs lush. From finger-picked acoustic guitar to noisy instrumentals; bare vocals to four-part harmony. Copper Leaf wants to make you feel feelings and have fun doing it. Their music has been compared to that of Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, and Fleet Foxes.

Copper Leaf's debut album, "Lay Awake", was released on November 19th, 2016. Bolderbeat had these nice things to say about it:

"...earnestly bare and other times subtle and echoey vocals..."

"...ranging from complex and pretty string melodies, to smooth horn solos, to steady percussive swings."