Copper Leaf makes confessional indie rock out of Denver. For fans of Iron & Wine, Frightened Rabbit, and Fleet Foxes.

Sawyer Bernath and Eric Dorr have been writing songs and making music together since high school. After playing in several Northeast bands, they moved to Colorado in 2012. The vibrant Front Range songwriter scene gave new depth to their music and lyrics, and out of those collaborations Copper Leaf was formed. Initially a solo project of Sawyer's, it was only natural for Eric to join in quickly after. The addition of Liz Berube, Tyler Masterson, and Jake Hyman brought a more powerful backing to Sawyer's intricate lyrics and unique melodies, as well as a new focus on vocal harmony.

Copper Leaf is a project about contrasts: Loud vs soft, warm vs cool, sparse vs lush. From finger-picked acoustic guitar to noisy breakdowns, bare vocals to four-part harmony, Copper Leaf wants to make you feel feelings and have fun doing it. They play frequently in Denver, Boulder, and the surrounding area, and are currently working on their second full-length album.